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The Cast list


Before you look at the Cast list please look at this.  

It was a delightful challenge to cast this show; so many talented individuals auditioned, which is a great "problem" to have. Thank you for auditioning and giving us the opportunity to work with you.  

***If you don't see your name Please come and talk with me on Monday.  Cast 98 had a little bit of a glitch and I want to make sure I get everyone a role who wants one. 

The rehearsal schedule will be handed out on Monday.  (Our 1st rehearsal will be Monday from 3-4pm in the Auditorium)

After you look at the cast list  

please fill out the Accept / Decline form.  

If you decide not to accept your role I would like to encourage you to be involved backstage.  We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to work their magic backstage as a member of our crew. We would love for you to connect with Bye Bye Birdie and help with Make up, Costumes, box office, set painting, set building, and the like. Tasks like these ensure that our production runs smoothly. 

Thank you again for auditioning with us! We are excited for the upcoming show and look forward to seeing you at rehearsals and your next audition.


Central High School Theatre Production Staff